Hormonal Testing

We perform laboratory tests to monitor the levels of our hormones and our endocrine glands (such as the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands and the pancreas).

Ορμονολογικές Εξετάσεις
Hormonal Examinations
Hormonal Examinations

Description and Necessity

Hormones are chemical substances produced in our system that circulate the blood and regulate the functionality of certain cells, and even organs in our body. Each type of hormone performs specific actions that affect specific body parts.

Hormone analysis is of monumental importance in the medical field.

Hormones regulate many body activities like reproduction, metabolism, thyroid gland functions, diabetes levels, osteoporosis, growth disorders etc. At the same time, hormones can reveal the ways that our bodies react to stimuli from our environment and have a leading role in controlling our mental health and emotional condition.

Hormonal tests aim to detect disorders that are caused by either the absence or the over-production of a specific hormone. They give us vital information about male or female infertility, adolescent and physical development disorders, cases of early puberty, progress of pregnancies and menstrual cycle disorders.

Ορμονολογικός Έλεγχος Μικροβιολογικό εργαστήριο Κομοτηνή
Hormonal Examinations

What they include

When performing hormonal tests, the following examinations are carried out:

Ορμονικός Έλεγχος

Pituitary gland

Ορμονικές Εξετάσεις

Thyriod gland





Adrenal glands

Everything you need to know

Useful Instructions


In the laboratory of Mrs. Marinidou, our goal is to achieve great accuracy in our examinations, to present credible results, to provide swift support, to protect our patients’ personal information and to offer high quality medical services.

Our scientific staff is always at your disposal for additional clarifications and instructions concerning your hormonal tests.