Quality and certification

Daily internal and external quality check of the microbiological laboratory. The doctor’s office is certified with the EN ISO 9001:2015 in accordance with BQC (Basic Quality Certification) standards

Cutting Edge Technology

Innovative equipment. The results emerge from state-of-the-art analysts and reagents of high profile manufacturers, while their equipment and software are constantly updated.

Contracts with all the Social Security Funds

The microbiological laboratory has contracts with all the Social Security Funds that have been included in the GNHSO, as well as Funds associated with the GR Army - Air force - Coast Guard, the NBG and the GR Journalist Association. Furthermore, it even has contracts with private insurance companies (NN, Insurance department of the NBG, Generali, Metlife, Insurance of the employees of Piraeus Bank).

Easy access for people with disabilities.

Specialized ramp and elevator for wheelchairs, utterly friendly environment and consistent care to patients with special needs.

Microbiological Laboratory Komotini
<h2>Microbiological Laboratory Komotini</h2>

The Microbiologist – Biopathologist Voula Marinidou welcomes you to her paragon Microbiological Center in the city of Komotini.

Our microbiological laboratory in Komotini provides high quality medical services in the private health sector since 1998.

Our mission is to promote health, prevent disease, provide early diagnosis and offer counseling, all in accordance with medical science.

We respond immediately, reliably and effectively for the secure delivery of the laboratory results with a great sense of responsibility towards our fellow patients as well as the doctors treating them.

With utmost respect and confidentiality, we deliver your medical data, which derive from thorough checks and laboratory validation.

Our many years of experience guarantees the scientific validity of our services and our sincere empathy towards our patients establishes life-long relations and partnerships.

Αιμοληψία Κατ' Οίκον 2
Μικροβιολογικό Κομοτηνή
Μαρινίδου Μικροβιολόγος Κομοτηνή
Μαρινίδου μικροβιολόγος Κομοτηνή


Easily, Swiftly and most importantly, with Safety!

Microbiological Laboratory in Komotini

All Covid-19 tests are performed daily during the operating hours of the Microbiological Center.

High Quality Services – Microbiological Laboratory - Komotini

Our diagnostics center in the heart of the city of Komotini, carries out a wide range of in vitro laboratory examinations in the field of biopathology with complete focus on the patient.

We execute traditional as well as contemporary examinations that are required for diagnosing diseases, for monitoring the administered treatment and for the detection of pathological deviations prior to the appearance of the relative symptoms.

In our lab, all of our examinations are performed with reference to and in accordance with the global bibliography written by experts of higher scientific education and are endorsed, after assessment, by our doctor.

The Biopathologist – Microbiologist Voula Marinidou, stationed in Komotini, is the assurance you seek for reliable results and flawless support

Medical Services

Καλλιέργειες Βιολογικών Υγρών μικροβιολογικό εργαστήριο Κομοτηνή

Organic Fluid Cultures

Βιοχημικές Εξετάσεις Μαρινίδου μικροβιολόγος Κομοτηνή

Biochemical Examinations

Έλεγχος Παραγόντων Πήξης μικροβιολόγος κομοτηνή

Coagulation Factor Tests

Έλεγχος επιπέδων φαρμάκων και τοξικών ουσιών μικροβιολόγος Κομοτηνή

Toxicological Examination

Έλεγχος Οστεοπόρωσης

Osteoporosis Check

Καρκινικοί Δείκτες

Check for Cancer/Tumour Markers

Μικροβιολογικό εργαστήριο Κομοτηνή

Why choose our Microbiological Laboratory in Komotini?

"Preventing is better than curing."

Our success is due to the combination of many years of experience, constant education in innovative technologies and contemporary medical advancements, maintaining strict quality standards and finally our patient-centered approach.


Voula Marinidou Microbiological Laboratory Komotini

The Microbiologist Biopathologist Voula Marinidou, advises you

The Microbiologist Biopathologist Voula Marinidou, advises you

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Covid Detection Test

Covid Detection Test

Covid Test: Diagnostic Tools in the fight against the pandemic. Direct support with the highest possible accuracy. ANTIGEN TEST (RAPID) CORONAVIRUS MOLECULAR DETECTION TEST (PCR) ANTIBODY TEST The Covid-19

Children and Medical Examinations

Children and Medical Examinations

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Infection of the West Nile Virus

It’s a virus that spreads mainly from the bite of an infected mosquito and can cause serious diseases in humans and in certain other animals. Television interview of doctor Marinidou (Microbiologist) on the TV Rodopi channel.

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