Prenatal Test

For the safety of every mother and her baby

Προγεννητικός Έλεγχος
Prenatal Test
Prenatal Test

Description and Necessity

The prenatal test is a necessary and crucial part of every pregnancy.

Prenatal examinations include a wide variety of tests that are recommended for the early diagnosis of diseases and developmental disorders in a pregnancy. By performing these tests we can evaluate the overall health condition of the woman and therefore detect possible issues that could create unpleasant complications during the pregnancy or during childbirth. These tests can also find factors that could affect the development and the health of the embryo.

With the prenatal test, we aim to ensure the good health of the mother and her baby by diagnosing and treating possible issues as early as possible, while also providing the best care for both of them.

These tests can be taken by women of all ages.

Προγεννητικός Έλεγχος
Prenatal Test

Everything you need to know

Useful instructions

Προγεννητικός Έλεγχος

When should prenatal tests be performed?

We can begin after a positive pregnancy test or right before the couple starts attempting to conceive, and continue throughout the pregnancy.

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  • Highly accurate results
  • Safe examinations
  • Ease and comfort
  • Speed and economy
  • Total support of every woman and new parent.
Προγεννητικός Έλεγχος

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