Covid Detection Test

Covid Test: Diagnostic Tools in the fight against the pandemic.

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The Covid-19 tests can be carried out without the need for a predetermined appointment in specially designed areas under the strictest safety conditions and with the use of the latest technology.

The 3 main types of diagnostic tests for the coronavirus are the:

  • molecular analysis method (PCR),
  • quick detection of the virus’s antigen (RAPID) and
  • test that can detect the virus’s antibodies.

All the examinations take place in our laboratory in accordance with the latest developments in global medicine and technology and with the goal of discovering safer and more accurate detection methods.

They are recommended for adults or minors that display symptoms, in order to determine if they have been infected by the virus or not. It is also advised to take one of the above tests even if you have no symptoms at all but meet the relevant epidemiological criteria or have been instructed to do so by your doctor.

antibody test


The rapid test can swiftly detect positive covid-19 cases and so contribute to the prevention of the virus’s spread.

For experts, this is the ideal examination to enhance the epidemiological monitoring of large groups of people (industries, organizations, educational institutions, etc.) and areas of mass gatherings (sports venues etc.) since it can greatly contribute in the detection and then isolation of positive cases.

The results are received just a few minutes after the sample has been taken.


The molecular analysis method (PCR) specializes in the detection of virus particles and presents a positive result when the concentration of particles exceeds a specific value.
This is the main method used to confirm the presence of the virus in our system. It is recommended for anyone who wants to validate the virus infection, regardless of the display of symptoms.
For the results to be as credible as possible, four days must pass after the suspected infection.
The sampling only takes a few minutes.
The PCR test results are ready after about 24 hours and can be sent via email.

Antibody Test


  • The Antibody Detection Test that looks for IgG antibodies is associated with both long-term and short-term immunity.
  • The Antibody Detection Test that looks for IgM antibodies, can reveal a recent infection by the virus. They maintain steady levels for a longer period of time compared to the IgG antibodies.
  • The Antibody Detection Test that looks for IgA antibodies, basically exposes our first line of defense during the period of the active virus infection.

In our microbiological laboratory, we conduct complete tests that examine the defense levels of our body against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They can detect all the types of antibodies that our system produces to fight the coronavirus by using specific scientific procedures.

In other words, we offer an evaluation of the functionality of each antibody type of the person examined and their effectiveness against the coronavirus.

This information is of great importance when determining the efficiency of vaccines and also when estimating the levels of immunity achieved by people who have been infected by the virus.

It is recommended for the test to be taken about 20 days after the completion of the second dose of the vaccine.

At least 14 days after the patient starts to display symptoms or after the laboratory confirmation of the infection.

COVID Εμβολιασμός

Vaccinations save lives!

Vaccines against the corona virus are a very effective and safe method of protection from the catastrophic short-term and long-term consequences of covid-19.

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